CO2 Capture


Leading the way in the origination, aggregation, and streaming of Carbon Credits, utilizing proprietary technologies.

In the evolving energy landscape, companies seek cost-effective methods and innovative energy technologies to produce their products while maintaining environmental sustainability and profitability.

Carbon RX proudly stands as the licensed provider of Delta CleanTech's cutting-edge Carbon Capture & Gas Purification technology, a game-changer set to revolutionize the global energy sector. Delta's core mission revolves around developing and commercializing sustainable technologies with far-reaching impacts.

Delta has engineered cost-effective CO2 capture solutions tailored for diverse applications, including CO2 enhanced heavy oil production, coal and gas power generation, and industrial food-grade CO2 markets. At the heart of their success lies their proprietary LCDesign®, PDOengine®, and DeltaSolvTM technologies.

With a global reputation for expertise, Delta has actively participated in process design during the first decade of their technology's introduction in some of the world's most significant carbon capture projects. Their unwavering commitment to research, development, and implementation has paved the way for a greener, more sustainable energy landscape.

Carbon RX and Delta CleanTech's collaboration embodies innovation and dedication to sustainable energy solutions focused on meeting the customer’s needs.