CO2 Capture


Leading the way in the origination, aggregation, DIGITIZATION and streaming of Carbon Credits, utilizing proprietary technologies.

Companies doing business in the energy industry are looking for cost-effective methods and new energy technologies to produce their products, while at the same time being environmentally sustainable and profitable.

Carbon RX is the Carbon Credit licensee of Delta CleanTech’s Carbon Capture & Gas Purification technology, whose mandate is to develop and commercialize the technologies globally. Delta has developed cost-effective CO2 capture solutions for CO2 enhanced heavy oil production, coal and gas power generation and the industrial food grade CO2 markets and participates in this sector through its proprietary: LCDesign®, PDOengine® technologies and DeltaSolvTM.

Delta’s CO2 capture technology was selected, constructed and commissioned in October 2020 to provide the CO2 for the globally recognized NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition.

Delta is well known globally for their expertise and have participated in process design during the first 10 years on their technology introduction in some of the largest carbon capture projects in the world.