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About Carbon RX


Carbon RX will originate, validate the fidelity, and certify voluntary carbon credits that will incorporate legacy & new industrial processes with legacy & new technologies, which will require Carbon RX’s carbon credit fidelity validation and monetization platform. Some of these industries to note are CO2 Capture Removal Process; CO2 Capture through Blue Hydrogen; CO2 Capture through cement plant exhaust; methane collection and incineration; reclaiming of industrial liquids; CO2 in-ground sequestration; and CO2 mitigation in agriculture, forestry and mining.

Carbon RX will digitize the carbon credit offset by leveraging digital database technology, to deliver security, fidelity and liquidity to carbon markets through a decentralized platform that formalizes carbon credit digitized trading and better monetizes the full value of carbon credits.

Carbon RX has a rich history going back to 2006 as being one of North America’s largest voluntary carbon credit originator, aggregator and streamer through C-Green Aggregators and Carbon Methane Management.

C-Green Aggregators was founded in 2006 and sold over $30,000,000 of carbon credits through the Chicago Climate Exchange. These voluntary credits came from agricultural producers that are actively engaged in the practices of no till and reduced tillage farming as well as utilizing new agricultural regenerative protocols.

Carbon Methane Management was acquired in 2008 and was a pioneer in developing Methane Collection and Destruction to be utilized in energy processing and production and municipal landfills across North American. Their Xpel-MethaneTM technologies destruct Waste Gases to manage emissions, including code and regulatory compliance for BTEX and VOC’s.

Through their First Nation partnership and with the pedigree of Chief Reginald Bellerose, Chairperson of the Carbon RX Council of Advisors, Carbon RX will originate, aggregate and digitize the Carbon Credits from over 150,000,000 potential acres of First Nations controlled lands in Canada from over 3,000 reserves that are engaged in agriculture, forestry, mining, fishing and energy production.

The rules and regulations today are multi jurisdictional and have been evolving over the past 15 years and are complex and require an in-depth knowledge of how the credits are established, validated, and certified. CO2 management experience is a pre-requisite to high fidelity carbon credit recognition, validation, and certification.