Company Profile

About Carbon RX

Carbon RX Inc specializes in origination and streaming of carbon credits through its unique expertise in Agriculture, Forestry and Hydrocarbons.

With deep roots dating back to 2006 under C-Green Aggregators, the organization’s DNA was born helping Canadian farmers trade over $30,000,000 in carbon credits through the Chicago Climate Exchange. These first generation carbon credits coming from no-till practices in agriculture were the genesis for today’s regenerative agriculture practices and the foundation for the advancement in soil health and sustainable food production.

Carbon RX has expanded from its farming roots to include many industries committed to carbon capture and reduction.  The organization’s strategic partner in hydrocarbons, Delta Cleantech, provides carbon RX with the technical expertise and international recognition in C02 capture and removal processes, CO2 capture through blue hydrogen, CO2 capture through cement plant exhaust, Methane destruction, and reclamation of industrial liquids.

Carbon RX is also active in nature-based carbon capture.  It’s team of agriculture and forestry experts and application of progressive data management and testing methodologies position the organization to be one of a few companies willing and able to work in both industrial and nature-based carbon capture systems.  The result is high fidelity carbon credits built and designed for the international voluntary market.

The organization is deeply invested in support of indigenous people and creating a pathway for the participation in the carbon economy.  Under the leadership of former Chief Reginald Bellerose and the First Nations Advisory Council, Carbon RX works with indigenous leadership in numerous markets to create new economic opportunities. Carbon RX’s Elders Council provides the grounding and stability of worldview values and the wisdom of seven generations of thinking making Carbon RX a partner of choice.