First Nations

First Nations

Many First Nations see nature as sacred, and consider themselves custodians of this natural world, and that it needs to be kept whole for future generations. First Nations see themselves as the first origninal environmentalists and stewards of the land.

The First Nations of Canada possess and control 150,000,000 acres of lands that were awarded as part of the Treaty Settlement Act between First Nations, the King, and the Government of Canada. Many First Nations in Canada have, subsequent to the Treaty Settlement Act, acquired additional lands. The sovereign control of CO2 emission processes and related carbon credits on First Nation’s land, represents the potential for a significant contribution to Canada’s and the Global Greenhouse Gas Challenge.

The Carbon RX management team has long-term and trusting relationships with First Nations Leadership and has, with the collaboration of many First Nation’s leaders, set an objective to be a First Nations material force and early innovator in the recognition, validation, and certification of voluntary carbon credits with Canadian and North American indigenous peoples.

Carbon RX branded carbon credits are sold at a premium on the voluntary carbon market

A unique revenue sharing agreement creates new economic opportunities for your community

Carbon RX is guided by an Indigenous Council of Advisors and Vision of the Elders

Benefits to
your community

Carbon RX's unique offering combines Indigenous Land , Buyers Seeking Carbon Credits, and Carbon RX's Technical Expertise. Your Community will :

  1. Continue to maintain control of your land
  2. Engage in a unique revenue generation opportunity