Methane Collection & Destruction


Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), significantly impacts the Earth's temperature and climate system. It is emitted from a range of anthropogenic and natural sources. Compared to carbon dioxide, methane is more than 28 times more destructive to the atmosphere. The desire to capture and burn methane in an oxygen free environment allows the conversion of methane to carbon dioxide and reduces the overall greenhouse gas impact of the producing well and can reduce the carbon intensity of the production of both oil and natural gas.

In partnership with Delta Cleantech, Carbon RX offers a solution: the Methantor RX. The Methanator RX focuses on wellhead methane from oil and gas production wells, destroying methane at a low pressure and low volume.

Currently, casing bowl wellhead methane has not been dealt with for two main reasons:

  1. It’s low pressure coming from the well head made it difficult to capture and destroy.
  2. Its low flow volume did not facilitate the use of existing methane destruction technologies.

Delta Cleantech and Carbon RX are committed to reducing methane's environmental impact through the destruction of casing bowl methane.

Methane's GWP20 of 85 means that a ton of methane emitted into the atmosphere creates approximately 85 times the atmospheric warming as a ton of CO2 over a period of 20 years. On a 100-year time scale, methane's GWP 100 is in the range of 28–34.



Delta Blue Hydrogen Business Opportunity

Grey hydrogen accounts for some 95% of the hydrogen produced in the world today.

Carbon Capture installation within the existing large grey hydrogen plants will convert these plants to Blue Hydrogen production by capturing CO2, sequestering it, and creating a validated Carbon Credit, in these retrofitted, grey hydrogen or newly constructed and installed blue hydrogen plants.

The carbon credits generated from the capture of CO2 emitted by the reforming of methane to hydrogen, are of the highest quality and will have a value reflective of compliance carbon credits.