Power Generation

Power Generation

The electrification of the world and more importantly the electrification of mobile transportation, has squarely put emphasis on the CO2 footprint from the production of electricity. The CO2 villain being coal-fired power production with a 12% - 14% concentration carbon dioxide stream in the exhaust.

The opportunity is the capture or mitigation of CO2 at the large, consolidated source of CO2 emissions (the powerplant), as opposed to hundreds of millions of exhaust pipes coming from auto-mobiles and trucks. This electrification of transportation has given Carbon RX the opportunity to manage the CO2 footprint at scale.

Carbon RX is the licensee of the carbon credit yield from Delta’s proprietary carbon capture and gas purification technologies that are utilized to capture CO2 from power production plants.

The carbon credits generated from CO2 capture and sequestration, from power plants, are of the highest fidelity, and will be valued within close proximity to compliance carbon credits.